On Being a “Problem”

I don’t see myself as a problem to be solved. I am a conscientious objector in the “war on ob*sity.” I’m not interested in hating myself or making myself smaller or wasting my precious time on earth looking up menus on the internet and weighing slices of turkey so that I don’t “cheat” at a game we are meant to lose. 

The Joy of Motherhood

A woman with short blonde hair and pink glasses is holding a sleeping blonde headed child wearing a denim jacket. The woman is looking up at the camera and smiling.

Because joy makes us vulnerable, it is also weaponized by the patriarchy. Women are promised this joy - and threatened with the loss of it- in exchange for having children in a society that does not value mothering. Not every person who has a child feels this way. I am not unique in my joy, many mothers experience it, but it is not an automatic blessing bestowed on a person as soon as they give birth.

Imposter Syndrome

If you asked me most of the time if I have imposter syndrome, I would tell you, "Not anymore." Years of therapy and a lot of work on self awareness and self compassion make me pretty good at realistically assessing my skills and abilities. Often, I feel like I navigate a world where women are… Continue reading Imposter Syndrome

On Cancel Culture

The word Canceled in bright red with a red box around it on a white background

So what do we do when the people shaping our culture are doing harm? Do we "cancel" them? What does that even mean? Can you cancel a person? I assume the term comes from calls to cancel book deals, performances, and contracts - as people have more and more come to be brands, their presence in an activity becomes an endorsement of their brand.


Trump support in tactical gear carrying zip ties leaps over a banister in the Capitol Building House chamber.

It's easy and, perhaps, comfortable, in their failure, to assume that this was a group of idiots who got out of control. Personally, I don't believe it. I think that we are lucky that workers on Capitol Hill, including elected representatives, aren't today, being held hostage by a bunch of entitled Trump supporters. I think we are lucky at how few deaths resulted from this.

The Body

Stars and Dust in Corona Australis from NASA photo of the day

It has unexpectedly been a year of the body. I didn't come into 2020 expecting this. In fact, I had planned on having a Depth Year focused on the mind and on nostalgia and on my home and domestic life. Instead, I spent the first few months doing an elimination diet to solve some unpleasant… Continue reading The Body

What is Diet Culture?

Broadly, anytime thinness is synonymous with health, virtue, worthiness, or competency, that is diet culture. Diet culture prescribes in fat people what it diagnoses in thin people. It systemically treats fat people as inhuman and not worthy of access to healthcare, housing, love, pleasure, and livelihood. It privileges thin bodies in all aspects of our lives.

Emotional Eating

Picture of an iced donut with the phrase What is Emotional Eating and is it bad.

In this reading of the term, a person is stuffing down her emotions rather than dealing them. She is weak, unstable, unattractive, and lonely. Emotional eating is a symbol of emotional immaturity. We place it in the same category as burying emotions through the use of drugs and alcohol, but somehow, we treat it as more pathetic. Self medicating through drunkenness is sad, but self medicating through food is disgusting.